V is for Violet
V is for Varvara
V is for Violet
V is for Varvara
V is for Violet
V is for Varvara
V is for Violet
V is for Varvara
V is for Violet
V is for Varvara
V is for Violet
V is for Varvara
V is for Violet
Purple Porsche 964 in front of building

She is called V.

Completed in November 2023 by Kellymoss, the winningest team in Porsche history. This restored 1990 Porsche 964 C2 was sold new in Japan and later imported into the United States. It was imported by RSC Motors in Canada and sold to the late Rudy Mancinas (Mr. 993) who was well known for his collection of rare shade 964's and 993s. The "V" build was commissioned by Kelly Smith, who worked closely with Kellymoss owners Victoria Thomas & Andy Kilcoyne throughout the two year project.

The build is called "V" and is named after Varvara, the daughter of Kelly & Daria Smith.

Front fender of Violet Blue Metallic Kellymoss Porsche 964
Left front of Violet Blue Metallic Kellymoss Porsche 964
Left rear tire of Violet Blue Metallic Kellymoss Porsche 964

Violet Blue Metallic

V is meant to be a love letter to the 1990's. The bare metal repaint is in its factory original Violet Blue Metallic ("Veilchenblaumetallic"). In a sure sign that the conservative 80s were over, Porsche started experimenting with some wild jewel tones in the 1990s, and Violet Blue Metallic was one of the most extroverted of these colors. It's a gemstone-like purple with bluish overtones. The color was available on the 911 in the years 1990,1992,1993,1999 and on the Porsche 968 from 1992-1994.

It is believed that two 964s were delivered to North America in this color.

Photo of purple steering wheel in Porsche 964
Close-up of passenger door in Violet Blue Metallic Kellymoss Porsche 964

RS America Tribute

Sort of. We decided to lean into the era of the car and the original purple color gave us a head start. After a bare metal repaint, the Kellymoss team broke out their favorite Members Only jackets and really got to work. The interior uses the same leather that is used on most Singer builds. Finding the right purple carpets was more challenging to source than one would think. We wound up finding a marine supplier, and this is a plush, dense, and surprisingly malleable product. The wheels are custom-made BBS e88 models. The tail is a brand-new RS America unit and is unique to that model. The audio system is Focal with a new, period-style Blaupunkt unit.  The gear shift knob is machined aluminum and was on the car when it came to us.  The dead pedal was custom-made by Kellymoss. Metal door cards, armrests, and one-off door pulls were all made by the in-house team at Kelly Moss. The seats now wear the larger bolsters found on the Turbo models. Center gauge is purple because we felt there wasn't enough purple.  The car is a factory sunroof delete ROW model. Unlike the original RS America, we kept the backseats so that our daughter Varvara could ride with us. After all, the car was named after her!

Daria Smith, Kelly Smith and Victoria Thomas in front of purple Porsche 964
Kellymoss team filming during unveiling of purple Porsche 964
Looking inside the new interior of the purple Porsche 964
Racecars in the Kellymoss shop
Driving at speed purple Porsche 964
Driving through Madison WI in Kellymoss team filming during unveiling of purple Porsche 964
Driving through Madison WI in Kellymoss team filming during unveiling of purple Porsche 964
Stopped at busy intersection in purple Porsche 964

The Power Unit & Gearbox

The standard M64/01 came from the factory with 247 horsepower.  For V, we opted to increase displacement to 3.8 liters. The gearbox was completely disassembled and rebuilt. JE Pistons were installed, as well as LN Cylinders at 11.5:1 Compression. CSP Webcam 20/21 Grind Set at 2.05mm. Cam timing, head machine work + replacement of all guides was carried out along. We resurfaced for 993 Cylinders and all valve springs were replaced. The engine uses stock induction with upgraded MAF and tuned for the 3.8 Belts were replaced and we ceramic-coated timing chain housings and valve covers. Timing chain rails replaced. Oil drain tubes replaced. Crankshaft was mag polished. Clubsport engine mounts were used.

Exhaust system is new FVD Brombacher 964 - SPORT - 200 Cell Catalytics - Single Outlet - With Heat.

Horsepower is estimated to be around 320hp.

Close up of BBS e88 gold wheel
Close-up of RS America tail on Porsche 964
Kelly and Daria Smith sitting in their new Porsche 964
Purple Porsche 964 in a high speed corner

Special thanks

Kellymoss company logo

From the beginning, there were many people involved in this build. I initially sent the car to Mark White at Accumoto.  He and his team (especially Will Alexander, who now leads the racing department at Kellymoss) started the initial teardown of the car. After the acquisition of Accumoto by Kellymoss was complete, the broader resources of the company were brought to the table and Andy Kilcoyne personally provided all of the oversight through to the end. The Kellymoss interior team allowed us to get crazy, as everyone can now see.

Kellymoss is a treasure in the Porsche community. Not only is the company a female-led organization (rare in motorsports) but they are also the most successful organization in Porsche's current racing record books. Recently, they captured the The 2023 #Porsche Carrera Cup North America Championship.

2023 Podiums
2023 Victories
National Championships

Also a shout-out to Max Flareman for some great photos and Vision2020 Photo/Cinema for the amazing video work.

Interested in your own custom build? Give the Kellymoss team a call.


Kellymoss owners Victoria Thomas and Andy Kilcoyne
Kellymoss owners Victoria Thomas and Andy Kilcoyne
Kellymoss owner Victoria Thomas in front of Porsche race car
Kellymoss team member carrying racing tire
Kellymoss interior team in the shop
Kellymoss team member looking at the camera
Kellymoss team member applying custom wrap to a race car